SHADY Artists
Four London Artists Who Love to Paint Outdoors

Artists' Statements


SHADY Artists' Statements

Janice Howell

I have loved drawing since childhood and completed a Graphic Arts diploma in college.  Since then my career directed me into the academic world of neuropsychology yet I still took time to dabble in art.

I became a member of the 'Gallery Painting Group', an outdoor painting group, in 2012 and I haven't looked back since.  As an active environmentalist, painting 'plein air' complements my appreciation of nature.  I also enjoy painting still life and folk art.

  I am fortunate to be one of the four 'SHADY Artists' who are energetic, colourful and have a great variety of artistic styles.  I was an associate member of the former 'Portside Gallery' in Port Stanley.  For two summers I spent a week on the Toronto Islands painting with a group of very creative and fun loving artists. 

I am pleased to have recently become a member of the London Brush & Palette club.

I'm grateful to have received Juror's Choice Awards in 2012, 2014, 2019 and 2022 with the Gallery Painting Group and the Honours Award in 2023 with The Brush & Palette Club.

My 'Springbank in Winter' painting was chosen for the cover of the Advisory Committee on the Environment (City of London) brochure.


My works have been exhibited in group shows at the annual Gallery Painting Group shows, the Westland Gallery, the Portside Gallery, the Braywick Bistro, the London Arts Council, Art with Panache, Paint Ontario, TAP (the ARTS Project), Revive Restaurant, Aeolian Hall, and The Brush & Palette shows and the Fringe Gallery.

If you are interested in any of my available art, please contact me.

We welcome you to the SHADY Artists show September 6-September 16.  See '2023 Art Show' for details.




Sandi McCabe

I have loved art all my life!  I found myself, as a young girl, colouring pictures in all my workbooks at school to accentuate what I was learning in my various subjects.


Sixteen years ago, I joined the Gallery Painting Group in London where the love of plein air painting blossomed.  I continued to take week long lessons (Abstracting the Landscape) with Don Cavin over a period of 4 summers at the Southhampton School of Arts.  I have also taken private lessons with Jamie Jardine where he helped me simplify my colour palate while still obtaining colour vibrancy.  Steve Tracy has really assisted me in creating dynamic values in my work.  I love his classes!   I had the pleasure of taking a plein air class using oils in Maui from Randall Sexton in 2013 and another plein air class in oils by Neil Walling in Fort Myers in 2014.  For the last 6 summers I have painted for the better part of a week on The Toronto Islands living at The Gibraltar Point Art Centre.  Every morning and afternoon, I would ride my bike searching for ideal places to paint!  I was raised on the Island so this is a very special time for me...going back to my roots.

Six winters ago, I joined the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and the Lee County Plein Air Group where I paint outdoors with very talented artists. In London, I am a member of both the Brush and Palette Club and Lambeth Art Association

I am told that my work is vibrant, colourful and full of emotion.  I paint from the heart and am inspired by something greater than me.  At the Gallery Painting Group's Show in 2013, I won Juror's Choice Award for the use of colour in the 'Halls Mill Barn' painting.

I have surrounded myself with three wonderful artists whose work I admire...Don Earle, Michele Haley and Janice Howell. We are all Members of the Gallery Painting Group and are all emerging artists with distinct styles that complement each other.  They amaze me with their work!  I approached them to see if they would like to join me in a 4 person art show at The ARTS Project in November 2014.  We call ourselves 'The SHADY Artists'.   This September will mark our eighth annual Show.




Don Earle

Started painting in Ottawa back in the days when the National Gallery was housed in a converted office building on Elgin Street and there was no admission charge.

As a result, the permanent collection of the Group of Seven paintings was an affordable and readily accessible source of inspiration.

While living in Ottawa, found limited success selling detailed renderings of Ottawa architecture using designer's gouache.

However, living in Ottawa never meant earning a living in Ottawa so a move to northeastern Ontario was necessary to gain full-time employment.

Painted sporadically until a transfer to Mount Forest where an interest in transparent water colour was cultivated.  Took courses in Southampton, Haliburton and Fergus with artists such as Lin Souliere, Gord MacKenzie and Joy Orzy.

Was transferred to London twelve years ago and soon started working in fluid acrylic in addition to transparent watercolour.

Became a member of the Gallery Painting Group and learned to paint on location, standing up at an easel with heavy body acrylics on canvas.

Have developed a very stylistic approach where no lines are straight and angles are exaggerated.  As a result, buildings appear to come alive and dance off the canvas.

Won Judge's Choice Award with the 'Brough House' painting at the Gallery Painting Group show, October 2012 in Byron.

Won Judge's Choice Award for the 'Buchan House' painting at the Gallery Painting Group's 60th anniversary show in 2013 at the ARTS Project.



Michele Haley

I am a London, Ontario artist who grew up in Quebec City where I attended Ecole des Beaux Arts.  Because of early initiation and inheriting the family art gene, painting has become a necessity, a passion and a source of peace.

Joining the Gallery Painting Group a few years ago led me to discover the joy of painting on location while connecting closely with nature.  All the elements of plein air, from hot muggy weather with bugs to a warm summer breeze in the morning sunlight, create a mood that is the foundation of most of my work.  My primary goals are simplicity and serenity giving me a mysterious feeling of creating magic.

 My work consists mainly of London and area landscapes in oil, completed on location.  I also have used acrylic, watercolour and pastels.  Always eager to learn new techniques and approaches by different instructors, I continue to attend workshops and classes sponsored by various art groups and schools.

Art Group Memberships:  The Brush and Palette Club, The Gallery Painting Group, The Lambeth Art Association, The SHADY Artists, Nine Fine Artists, Associate Member of the former Portside Gallery in Port Stanley